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Willies Wings and Stuff
420 S Gay St
These wings are small, lightly breaded and will make you sweat. They have great bleu cheese and domestic beers. Carey says,"This place is great! They deliver (as long as you aren't in a hurry and don't care if your order is right). But if they get there they are awesome!!!" Sort of a mixed review until you get to the awesome part.


Bob Baumhowers Wings Sports Grille
5627 Highway 280
Jay likes these medium sized, Buffalo style wings tame. Jay says," I don't like 'em hot, but they have them all temperatures. Bob is a former U of Alabama football player and has at least two locations in Birmingham (280 & Lakeshore). Surely God will order from here in heaven!!!" Co-rookie of the year and six time Pro Bowl player while with the Miami Dolphins?? Never heard of him.

Stardome Comedy Club
1818 Data Dr
These medium sized, Buffalo wings will blister your lips. Good bleu cheese and several imported beers. Charles says, "Excellent wings and great comedy."

Wings Sports Grille
5267 Highway 280
These medium sized, lightly breaded wings will make you sweat. Great bleu cheese and several imported beers.


Bob Baumhowers Wings Sports Grille
2232 Eastern Blvd
Meaty Buffalo wings that will make you sweat. Good bleu cheese and several imported beers. John says, "I think this is a chain, but this place is GREAT!!!!

Wings sports Grille
2232 eastern blvd
review: Wings sports grille in montgomery alabama is the best. I was purchasing the hot wings sauce from the resturant and from the store but cant find it anymore. Best wings sauce you ever tasted (Hot) thats the one I love. they also have the best service too.

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