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New Jersey


Jug Handle Inn
Route 73 & Forklanding Rd.
The Jug Handle Inn has medium sized, lightly breaded wings that will make you break a sweat. They have good bleu cheese and several imported beers to choose from. Cynthia says,"The sauce makes the wings the best in the area." Drop inn sometime.


Antone's Tap Room
112 South Ave East
Antones has burn your lips Buffalo wings with good bleu cheese and lots of imported beers. Roy says,"The wings are rather small, but very warm and quite good. The best part is the beer, butt loads on tap (probably around 70 or 80) and tons more in bottles!" Now we're talking!...In a second review of Antone's, Voy said the sauce came straight out of a Franks hot sauce bottle. It may depend on the heat you order.

Gloucester City

Sal & Pat's Delicatessen
103 Nicholson Rd
Meaty Buffalo wings that will burn your lips. Good bleu cheese, no beer. bills350 says,"Take out only. Best in the area since The 500 Bar was sold!"

Green Brook

Charlie Brown's Restaurant
171 Us Highway 22
These medium sized Buffalo wings will get you to break a sweat. Good bleu cheese and lots of imported beers. rjassociates says,"Very good wings; probably the best I've had aside from home made. Their "fireball" sauce is a little different than traditional Tabasco or Red Hot based sauces, but is excellent. I must make the pilgrimage to Gimpi's in Highlands NJ for the Wings of Death; supposedly, they are wing Nirvana." Don't forget to tell us about Gimpi's when you get there.


Chicken & Rib Crib
602 Lafayette Ave
Their meaty, lightly breaded wings will burn your lips. Darren says, "Their Super hot are the hottest ever, too hot for me and I generally like the hottest shit available. One step back off of that is perfect, the best wings I've found in NJ. Be warned that all Chicken & Rib Cribs do not have the same quality wings as the one in Hawthorne. It's a take out/delivery place - so no beer is available. However we get em delivered to our favorite bar and it's the bomb."

Lake Hopatcong

The Thirsty Moose
US Highway 15(South)
The Moose has meaty, Buffalo style wings that will burn your lips. They have great bleu cheese and lots of imported beers. Brian tells us,"Wings can come in 4 levels of spicyness. Monday night football 10 cent wing special is my night !The wings are a nice size fresh tasting and always lean. They will cook them to your style as well (either sloppy or crisp). They have all the imports and domestic beers and about 9 different draft beers, three of them imports usually. The service is outstanding. Good looking chicks work there and the bar is built in a Canadian theme with lots of mounted mooseheads and other Canadian style goodies. The wings are what gets me there though. If you are in the area, stop by, wing lovers. A can't miss for area wing lovers !!!!"

National Park

Joe's Town Tavern
610 Hessian Ave
Joe's has meaty, Buffalo style wings that will make you break a sweat. They have good bleu cheese and several imported beers to choose from. Rex says,"This is a real dive, but is probably the best kept secret in South Jersey for hot wings. Sunday there is a wing special(50% off). On other days if you buy 50 wings you get a pitcher of beer free." How convenient!

Pompton Plains

Gilly's Bar and Grille
710 Turnpike
Chef Tony showed us how to get the flavor of a hot wing right! Hot enough for the intermediate winger, and a more than generous portion size. The wings were hearty, full of flavor and very moist. A true delight for the wing connoisseur. The owner, John Gillispie, offers a truly comfortable atmosphere for the whole family, with casual dining and soft lighting. His other menu items offers the perfect complement to a wing appetizer. A personal favorite and two thumbs up!

Roselle Park

Sun Tavern
600 W Westfield Ave
Sun Tavern's medium sized, Buffalo wings will burn the lips. They have good bleu cheese and several imports. Voy says,"The Best Wings in the Union county area!!! The Suicidal sauce is a mix of Frank's and Tabasco with garlic and cayenne. The Bwings are usually small but very crispy. The beer selection is generic, but cold." Lets hear it for hot sauce and cold beer.


615 East Moss Mill Road
Home of the Atomic Wing, and they mean it! We had trouble getting 3 of these bad boys down! This is the ultimate in heat and flavor for the best of hot wing fans! Thoroughly recommended!

Toms River

Basil T's
1171 Hooper Avenue
We recently went to Basil T's for a sample of the hot wings. To my surprise, I found a quality restaurant with amazing food and service. I ordered my wings hot with extra sauce and blue cheese. The wings came out very tender and juicy, and with amazing flavor. While the heat index is not enough for my personal taste buds, they would definitely fire up any novice to intermediate winger. Although I don't normally review main course meals, I felt this was a must. I also ordered for my main course, oven roasted flounder stuffed with shrimp and fresh asparagus with a light fra diavalo sauce. From the first bite to the last, I must say it was one of the best dishes I have ever had the pleasure to experience. I also ordered a plate of penne a la vodka, and it too was out of this world! Best I have ever tasted. Congratulations to executive chef Steve Farley! This restaurant is a "MUST" for one of the most pleasurable dining experiences you might ever have. But back to the review............ "AWESOME WINGS!!!!!!!!!!"


Wings To Go
5501 Route 42
These meaty, Buffalo wings will make you sweat. They have great bleu cheese,but no beer. Mystie says,"The best wings in the area...big and meaty and with 17 different flavors. ....wing specials every day of the week."


J J Bitting Brewing
33 Main St
These meaty, Buffalo wings are spicy. They have great bleu cheese, and lots of imports. ike says,"With out a doubt the best wings in the area!!!"


Spike's Food & Drink & Funnery
633 Us Highway 130
Spike's is near Trenton and Gary gives us this review. "Spikes wings come in two temperatures, Mild and Hot. My daughter likes the mild, she is eight, my wife and I like the hot ones. The hot ones won't kill you, but they will make you drink the beer. Spikes has a very large selection of domestic and imported beers. Spikes wings come with celery sticks, carrot sticks and great Bleu Cheese dressing. If every one in your party does not like wings, Spikes has a very good menu for those that can't handle the heat. Spikes is located just off The New Jersey Turnpike at exit 7A" Not like wings? Let 'em eat cake.

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